Saturday, April 17, 2010

Award-winning author of The Igbo Roots of Olaudah Equiano; The Gram Code of African Adam and They Lived Before Adam is soon releasing another earth-shattering best-seller! It's titled The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam. Every year Professor Catherine Acholonu grabs international headlines with publications that are changing history as we knew it. She was on C-Span Book TV in New York in 2009 after her amazing presentation at Harlem Book Fair, Schomburg Center, New York of the result of twenty years of research on the origins of civilization.
Acholonu is amassing quite a following with her greatly researched new information that will make any one's head reel with wisdom and new knowledge, previously only available to the masters of the human race.

Professor Catherine Acholonu is on the run for the Nobel Price for Literature. Read make your contributions to the selection process.
Her books are available through Amazon and Paypal sales networks. Check out her website

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  1. Catherine Acholonu is very deserving of the prize. her books are really ground breaking and axis-shifting. You go girl! Please Catherine Acholonu for the Nobel Prize!!!!